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Our Values

Our Values

Our values:

  • Equality: We are all created equal, men and women, and nobody on any account can claim himself more human than the others.
  • Dignity: Everybody deserves respect. As women we ask to be valued, and value each other. Gender, social status, orientation or beliefs do not deprive someone of her or his dignity as a human being.
  • Trust: We believe in the power of every woman, despite the difference in individual capacities.
  • Solidarity: So long as we share the same problems and needs as women, our strength lies in our unity. We join those who are made to cry and raise one voice louder to condemn and bring down the injustice.

We believe in the power of every woman

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Help us to contribute to a society that recognizes and respects women's rights and dignity, and upholds equality between women and men

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