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The Gold Line Project

09 Jul

The Gold Line Project

Field visit to VSLA Groups (VIKOBA) ..

What is The Golden Line about?

The Golden Line: Is a project which intent to empower women socially and economically by using EASE (Economic and Social Empowerment)methodology. The area of implementation is in Geita Region, on four(4) ward which include Nyarugusu,Nyaruyeye, Lwamgasa, Mgusu and Katentein 13 Villages. This is a five(5) years project from 2016-2020.

Objective: Economic empowerment of women living in andaround artisanal and small-scale gold mining communities.

Outcome 1:

Women have improved working conditions within gold mines.

Outcome 2:

Women have increased abilities to engage in economic opportunities.

The Golden Line – Where does it come from?

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Funding Leadership Opportunities for Women

supporting interventions by civil society organisations which promote an enabling environment for equal opportunities, rights and safety for women and girls.

3 core themes

  • Sexual and gender based violence
  • Economic empowerment
  • Political participation

WhyThe Golden Line?

  • Start a movement that creates a feeling of empowerment and belonging
  • We stand together
  • We are united
  • We are all part of The Golden Line
  • The Golden Line visualises that we are all connected: with our family and the community, with the brands, with politicians, and together we can create space and opportunities for women’s empowerment.

Why The Golden Line?

We explicitly aim for collaboration.

Creating the feeling that we are all in this together; together we can create a better future for women, and therefore for all of us.

WPC asks everybody to join The Golden Line, to show their support and their commitment to create a better future for the whole community by empowering women.

Example of Activities

-Supporting women to access different and better paid positions in ASGM.

-Increasing access to SRH services

-Women’s saving groups & gender discussion series

-Training ASGM owners to operate in a gender-sensitive way

-Business skills training for women

-Working with women entrepreneurs to start health businesses