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Women Promotion Centre
History Since 2002

In the year 2002 two young women got the vision to start an organization to bring poor women together to find solutions to their problems. They gradually mobilized 9 more women and together they agreed to form the Women’s Promotion Centre (WPC).

With little education and no experience in NGO work, the start was slow and difficult; the women struggled hard f...

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Our Mission

To Foster and empower women groups to build a strong women movement from the grassroots to bring positive change of individual behavior and social policy context.


A society that recognizes and respects the rights and dignity of chil...

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Our Focus

In the period from 2002-2005, WPC’s activities were focused more on women’s economic ...

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Programme Areas

The WPC currently has a 5-year Strategic Plan 2011-2015 that is focused on two major prog...

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Goals and Objectives

WPC’s overall goal is to promote women’s dignity and equality, and respect for women...

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Our Values

Our values:Equality: We are all created equal, men and women, and nobody on any account ca...

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Our Achievements

There is much that we have achieved to date with our work, and much more is still to be do...

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Meet Our Volunteers

We emphasize social justice, human rights, mutual respect, tolerance and team work in accomplishing their daily duties


We believe in the power of every woman

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Help us to contribute to a society that recognizes and respects women's rights and dignity, and upholds equality between women and men

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